"Best guy to go with ever! Tim, thanks so much for the workouts and the guidance. Any athlete who wants to get better and get a program made just for you, and not some b.s. from another company, this is the guy to go with. Everything he does makes you stronger, more agile and able to move and react quicker. I'm 6'8" and 315 lbs. and in the best shape of my life and more flexible than anything thanks to Tim's guidance and the program that was designed for me.

Thanks again, brother!!"
Daniel Baldridge - Tackle - Tennessee Titans

daniel baldridge

"Working out with Tim for the last couple of years has taken my game physically and athletically to the next level. The strength,flexibility,and explosiveness that I've been able to achieve with his training has helped transform me from all conference to an all American."

TJ Heatherington - Point Guard, Point Park University, NAIA All-American, Pursuing Pro Contract

"Tim Griesser is quite simply one of the finest strength & conditioning and nutrition coaches with whom I have ever worked. As a competitive athlete coming off the birth of my two boys, I needed A LOT of work to regain my former level of strength. Tim’s considerable experience and knowledge was evident in his programming of my workouts. He set the bar high, but always attainable (even if I didn’t think so myself) and used innovative training equipment that challenged and made training fun. Furthermore, Tim’s common sense approach to nutrition was a breath of fresh air-eat REAL FOOD! In this culture that can be difficult, but he always had suggestions of how to eat whole, nutritious foods affordably. This changed not only my own athletic performance, but my family’s health. Since working with Tim, I am in the best shape of my life, healthier than I have ever been and back to being a competitive athlete. Thank you Tim for not only being an amazing coach, but a wonderful human being!"

Kristi Devenyi - Mother of 2,Former Powerlifter,Certified Kettlebell Instructor, Kettlebell Sport Competitor

"Tim Griesser and Country Strong have helped my son to achieve new heights in his athletic performance. Over the last 3 years I have watched my son grow athletically and mentally. His physical endurance, body control and overall strength have improved dramatically. He is more mentally focused, driven, confident and aware of what it takes to be the BEST! He now knows not only what it takes physically but also of the important roles that nutrition and recovery play in performance. Tim’s experience and knowledge are very educating for not only his athletes but for their parents TOO!"

Chad Miller - Father of Country Strong Athlete, WPIAL Champion Baseball Coach, Western Beaver High School

"Tim Griesser combines extensive knowledge about sports performance, physiology, and health/nutrition to develop programs tailored to each individual’s fitness objectives. In only 9 months of training at Country Strong, I have set new personal bests in bench press, squat, and dead lift - at age 48! Through his constant teaching, Tim challenges me to push myself beyond my expectations and has helped me to become more agile, explosive, and flexible as a result. My three high school-aged kids and I all work out at Country Strong, and have each benefited greatly from Tim’s coaching and fitness programming. I unequivocally recommend Country Strong to anyone who wants to improve his or her performance regardless of age, gender, or fitness level."

John H. Obrist

I would without any hesitation, highly recommend Country Strong to anyone I know that wants to improve their overall physical being. I've been training with Tim for over a year and a half now and can’t believe the strength gains I've made. I always had a very weak upper body and chronically dislocating shoulders. When I started at Country Strong I could barely press 10 pounds overhead, now I can press at least 65 pounds. My shoulders are the strongest they’ve ever been, and I don’t ever have that apprehensive feeling of my shoulders dislocating anymore. I have also seen total body strength changes, and definition of the muscles in my legs. I have never felt better physically. Tim is extremely knowledgeable in his field and a very self motivated person. He is a great educator. My two boys have also benefited greatly from training with Tim at Country Strong Fitness. They have shown large gains in muscular strength, agility, and flexibility from their workouts and it has improved their athletic performances tremendously. Country Strong Fitness has been such a positive experience for all of my family! We will always continue to go there!

Amy Hansen


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