Country Strong Inc. is located in Industry, Pennsylvania. We are a 1500 sq ft workout facility rooted in ground based multi-joint movements (NO MACHINES!!). We also practice sustainable agriculture in order to expose those training with us to nutrient dense foods. We believe the human body was meant to perform at a high level and we have hindered that performance through a more sedentary societal lifestyle as well as through adding chemical additives and preservatives to our food supply. Our president and CEO, Tim Griesser, currently oversees all training at our facility. Everyone who enters our facility is asked for their fitness goals whether they are an athlete seeking improved performance or a middle aged adult looking to live a more active, pain free life. A scientifically sound, well thought out program will be designed according to these goals and adhered to throughout the training process. Training loads and results will be recorded daily to provide feedback at the end of each 4/6/8/10 or 12 week training cycle. Training sessions are available in one-on-one, partner and small group settings. Contact us today and let us help you reach all your performance goals!!


442 Engle Rd. Industry, Pa.