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Country Strong's Weightlifting Team is open to all ages and abilities!

We are a USA Weightlifting Club and have had numerous weightlifters compete on a National Stage.

We strive to develop WELL ROUNDED weightlifters that can handle the daily grind that weightlifting provides.

This is a sport that truly builds CHARACTER AND GRIT!

Weightlifting is a wonderful secondary sport to almost any SPEED/POWER SPORT!

The Sport of Olympic Weightlifting consists of two lifts: The Snatch & The Clean and Jerk.

The Snatch exercise involves taking the barbell from the floor to overhead in one fluid motion with a wide grip on the barbell.

The Clean and Jerk involves bringing the bar to the chest and then heaving the bar overhead with the legs and
securing the barbell overhead and bringing the feet together.

These two movements are extremely EXPLOSIVE and ATHLETIC and can greatly improve several ATHLETIC qualities.

The benefits of this great sport are numerous but a few key benefits are CONFIDENCE, WORK ETHIC, INDEPENDENCE,
LEARNING TO OVERCOME OBSTACLES as well as the ATHLETIC benefits already discussed!

Head Coach: Tim Griesser is a Level 2 USAW coach who has coached at many National Meets
(including a 2 time Youth National Medalist).

Assistant Coach: Raechel Griesser is also a Level 2 USAW coach.


442 Engle Rd. Industry, Pa.