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Country Strong's General Fitness classes include Country Strong Express, Strong & Fit, Move Better and Strongman Saturday! General Fitness encompasses an overall fitness level of Strength, Conditioning and Flexibility/Mobility.

Country Strong Express

Country Strong Express is a popular 1/2 HR HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class geared towards the busy individual who needs a SHORT but SWEET workout that provides a great workout in a short amount of time!

Strong & Fit

Strong & Fit(formerly Kettlebell Cross) is a 1 HR class geared towards not only getting STRONGER in the weight room but better CONDITIONED as well!

Move Better

Move Better is a 45 minute class and is taught by Coach Raechel. She combines elements of PILATES, YOGA and a BALLET background in this RELAXING class that is sure to help you lengthen and strengthen your muscles and core.

Strongman Saturday

Strongman Saturday is another popular class that combines CLASSIC Strongman exercises in a format that fits a 1 HR class and challenges the BODY & MIND!


442 Engle Rd. Industry, Pa.